Massachusetts MFT Programs

Prospective students should consider pursuing higher educational programs that have been accredited by an established organization in order to become a licensed practitioner in the state of Massachusetts.

At this time, there are no accredited programs available in the state by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). You might consider a New York MFT program.

Not only do the COAMFTE criteria meet educational standards for Massachusetts, but they hold rigorous review to ensure that the curriculum will fully prepare graduates for their career. Students should consider other states in the Northeast or look into pursuing an online education.

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Universities must apply for accreditation and continue to uphold standards in frequent review. The curriculum will meet standards set by state licensing boards across the United states and ease the process in obtaining a licensure.

Marriage and Family Therapist Degrees in Massachusetts

Programs that have been accredited by COAMFTE ensure to prospective students that the curriculum will meet their needs to perform advanced therapy sessions with their clients and determine what is the cause for various issues that have led to struggles within their relationships.

No programs offer graduate-level education and are designated by the COAMFTE in the state of Massachusetts. An alternative option is looking at neighboring states that feature programs within marriage and family therapy, such as New York.

One example is Nyack College's Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. This is a program that requires 61 credit hours to complete and takes three to four years for full-time and part-time students. The curriculum will satisfy licensure requirements in the state of New Jersey, and it is close to the state.

For those that cannot make it to a specific location or do not have the time to pursue a campus-based program, there is an option to pursue a fully online education.

Syracuse University has an online program that provides the same high standards in coursework and will meet state licensure requirements around the country. It is important for students to review technical requirements to ensure that they will be able to pursue an online program. Typical expectations are students having a Windows or Mac operating system on a modern computer and access to high-speed internet.

LMFT Licensure in Massachusetts

In order to gain licensure for marriage and family therapy in the state of Massachusetts, it must be approved by the state’s Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Service Professionals.

Candidates must have a graduate degree in the field, or a related subject such as psychology, social work, and theology. Programs must have at least 60 credit hours to count toward state licensure, and applicants that do not meet this mark must make this up after the program is completed. This can be accomplished by taking certifications in family therapy. This will not apply to those that have completed programs prior to the summer of 2010.

MFT Licensure Requirements

At least 3,360 clinical hours must be logged for applicants, and at least 1,000 hours must be completed as direct contact with patients. Hours gained from educational experience can be counted toward this total. Supervisors must be approved by the state, and all supervisors that are members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy apply here. Other professionals will need to determine if the supervisor is acceptable under the state. Candidates must also complete and pass the national examination to officially apply.

Massachusetts Bd of Reg Allied Mental Health & Human Service Professionals

Division of Professional Licensure
1000 Washington Street, Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118-6100
LMFT Licensure:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

LMFT Careers and Salaries in Massachusetts

The average salary for licensed marriage and family therapists in the state of Massachusetts is over $57,000 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is well above the average across the state and jumps to over $90,500 within the 90th percentile.

Massachusetts also has rather high employment when compared to the rest of the nation with over 580 workers, and the Boston, Cambridge, and Nashua metropolitan area has the biggest concentration in the state.

Opportunities within Boston include South Bay Community Services, Arbour Counseling Services, and the Home for Little Wanderers, which all provide unique therapy consultation and services in health care.

There are not any COAMFTE accredited MFT programs in Massachusetts. Consider reviewing the online COAMFTE accredited MFT counseling program guide here, or view all counseling degrees in Massachusetts.
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