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Counseling is field of study that transcends what is considered traditional psychological careers. With the growth in interest in counseling, more students are looking for more advanced methods of learning the counseling field in comparison to stereotypical class attendance requirements.

Technological advances have taken the world by storm. Recent innovations has allowed for collegiate students to get degrees via the World Wide Web. More educational systems are accepting this method of instructing and implementing them into their own degree programs. Students in online counseling programs will find that the curriculum is just as advanced as traditional learning and can contribute to future success in the counseling field.

Online students in counseling are given more independence while working on their degree. Online course rooms include the same, if not more, interaction that is found in typical universities. Learners are required to take part in class discussion, research oriented projects, group studies, and examinations.

Counseling Degree Programs Online

Students can choose from over 350 online counseling degree programs, based on the degree credentials rather than being constricted by location.

Consider a Featured Online Counseling Program

School and Program Information Online Program? Entry Requirements Course Information
Northwestern University
Online MA in Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs CACREP Accredited
check_circle Online GRE Scores Not Required 24 Courses (standard program for those with counseling experience) or 27 courses (bridge program, for those with no counseling experience)
New York University
Online Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness
MPCAC Accredited Programs MPCAC Accredited
check_circle Online GRE scores are not required for admission. Weekly live classes taught by distinguished NYU Steinhardt faculty.
University of Denver
Online MA in School Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs Designed to adhere to CACREP standards
check_circle Online No GRE required. Learn from doctoral-level faculty in live classes and gain experience through mock counseling and in-field training.
Vanderbilt University
Online Master's with School Counseling Specialization
SACSCOC Accredited
check_circle Online Bachelor's Required Live, online classes every week led by Vanderbilt faculty
University of Southern California
Online Master of Education (ME) in School Counseling
Can be completed in less than 2 years.
check_circle Online No GRE requirement Classes led by USC Rossier faculty who are experts in school counseling, educational leadership and family therapy.

info For detailed degree information, view the guides to:
Online CACREP Accredited programs | Online MPCAC Accredited programs

Finding Online Accredited Counseling Schools

Accredited online schools are available in large quantities. Researching the available degree programs as well as the transfer ability of courses and financial aid availability should be the first steps in determining which school to attend. Accredited degree programs are the only ones accepted by individual states for licensure.

These programs also provide the most experienced instructors and reliable curriculum of available online universities. In accordance to degree standards, accredited degrees also provide for the same residency requirements as traditional universities. Clinical counseling degrees at a graduate level require students to engage in a residency.

Most colleges allow students to attend weekend retreats that are counted towards the residency requirement. Classical residency requirements eliminate the ability to continue with employment responsibilities and can impede on family requirements since they are weeks long in length and over the course of several months.

Why Study Counseling Online?

Freedom and convenience are vital to online counseling degree programs. Society does not flex to fit the needs of the everyday working individual. Parents of children likely find it difficult to enroll in college due to the heavy time restraints of everyday life. Every day responsibilities are not a factor when attending a university in person. Society is different in current years.

People of every age are getting degrees online. With online learning, jobs and family are kept in mind. Most online counseling degree programs offer flexible scheduling, permitting those enrolled to log in at their own convenience. Due dates for assignments are scheduled within large time frames to accommodate the needs of busy students.

Teachers in online programs are knowledgeable of the subjects taught and are more than willing to work with students to ensure success.

Technology has proven itself as an integral part of education and careers. Computers are found in nearly every setting. The internet is being utilized by elementary students and college students alike. School systems have started relying on the net to provide a reliable resource for students to learn about and experience the world.

Since the internet has been proven a worthy source for education, the professional field is reflecting its acceptance. Employers are willing to accept online degrees at a much greater rate than once before. Restrictions on online universities prevent false advertising on degree programs and only authorized degree programs are listed as accredited.

There is an abundance of online degree programs that are reputable and provide degrees that are respected and preferred. Accredited universities providing online counseling degrees are a reliable source for degree programs.

What to Expect in an Online Counseling Degree

Student expectations are comparable to in-person learning facilities, requiring students to attend within certain time frames. The online systems are user-friendly and contain reference information and contact information for technical support. These courses are designed with students in mind, catering to fast responses and user convenience overall. It can be intimidating when taking part in a new technology, but students will find this method to be effective and more convenient than standard college attendance.

The curriculum consists of comparative courses in traditional learning, including ethics, career counseling, and group counseling. Each degree path includes similar prerequisite requirements such as arts and mathematics followed by core courses that are relative to each major. Students will find that courses are structured to provide maximum exposure to the subject and extensive research.

What to Expect After Graduating with an Online Counseling Degree

Online counseling degree holders are highly regarded in the professional field. Getting a degree online allows for coinciding work experience for professionals already in the field. Online degree programs allow working adults to continue full-time employment while pursuing higher education on the side.

This advantage is one that traditional college students might find difficult to achieve. It may be more beneficial to work while attending courses in order to fully comprehend the application of the techniques being taught. This correlation of work and education could provide for a more seasoned and effective professional at the end of an online counseling degree program.

Online degree programs are no longer a thing of the past. Currently, students can choose from over 350 online counseling degree programs. Students can choose a degree based on its credentials rather than its location, another advantage of online learning. Online counseling degrees are now a preferred method of degree acquisition for those seeking a degree or licensure in the field of counseling.

More students are graduating with online degrees each year, indicating a strong growth of online degrees. There are a variety of different programs, reaching from youth studies to addiction research. Assistance with life’s trials is a service that will continue to be demanded in the years to come. Online degree holders are growing and taking the professional world by storm.

List of Online Counseling Programs

Concordia University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
HLC Accredited

University of West Alabama

Online Bachelor of Psychology
SACSCC Accredited

University of West Alabama

Online Counseling and Psychology Degrees
SACSCC Accredited

NYU Steinhardt

Online MA in Counseling and Guidance
MPCAC Accredited

Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College

Online Master’s with School Counseling Specialization
SACSCOC Accredited

NYU Steinhardt

Online MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness
MPCAC Accredited

St. Joseph's University

Online Behavior Analysis Degrees and Certificates
MSCHE Accredited
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Here are some of the most popular online counseling programs. On each page you will find a detailed writeup of the program, specific courses, and schools that offer that program that are currently accepting applicants.