List of Counseling Degrees in Utah

There are 9 different counseling degrees in Utah, with 1 different CACREP-accredited counseling program in Utah.

Residents of Utah are provided with many positive opportunities working in the counseling field. This is a fast growing field and earning a Master's degree in Counseling can help advance your career helping others.

According to the BLS, average salary for Utah professional counselors is around $37,700 annually.

In Utah, there are 9 counseling degree programs throughout the state that provide degrees in marriage and family counseling, school counseling, and mental health counseling. Counselors that provide assistance to those in need of guidance are important to the state of Utah.

If you are interested in pursuing Counseling programs in Utah, you have many options provided to you from local universities. There are a total of three accredited programs for students offered at universities in Utah. When choosing a program, it is vital to make sure you are attending a program that is accredited by the State of Utah so you are eligible for licensure upon completion.

Here are a few schools in Utah with CACREP-accredited counseling programs:
  • University of Phoenix - Utah: M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Utah State University: MRC in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Westminster College: M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
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Counseling Programs in Utah

Two counseling programs are found at in Salt Lake City at Westminster College which offers specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

The University of Phoenix is also located in Salt Lake City and offers concentrations in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well.

Located in Logan, Utah State University offers a Master's in Counseling with a concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling. Different programs at these universities offer students flexible schedules whether attending part-time or full-time.

Through extensive training and research, counselors administer therapy to individuals or groups that are struggling with emotional turmoil in some aspect of life. The most popular degree program in this state is marriage and family counseling, which draws in quite a few students every semester.

With an undergraduate degree, graduates are the preferred addition to a variety of different companies. Knowledge of human emotion and behavior gives graduates an advantage over candidates. Since people are an integral piece of any business, there is always room for a knowledgeable counseling professional.

Overview of Master of Counseling Degrees in Utah

Colleges in Utah that are currently accept students into their programs include the University of Phoenix, Utah State University, and Westminster College. These universities are located in busy and booming towns such as Salt Lake City and Logan. Residents of these areas and other states across the country are welcome to apply to take part in educational programs focusing on some of the most knowledgeable aspects of counseling.

With great concern being on family well-being, Utah values the services that are rendered by counselors.

Utah is a respectable place to call home and a preferred place to find a career. With popular universities such as Utah State University, Utah draws in large numbers of new college students each year.

Accredited Counseling Programs in Utah

CACREP accredited programs provide opportunities to obtain licensure after graduation and are required by the Utah Department of Occupational Professional Licensing during the licensing process. Although there are not any accredited online counseling programs in Utah, there are three university locations that can be an excellent choice for people that are in need of convenience with their degree programs.

Counseling Career Guide

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Utah Counseling Licensure: Utah Counseling Licensing Boards

Utah Counseling Licensure

Professional Counselor Licensing Board
P.O. Box 146741
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741
866/275-3675 (Utah toll-free number)
Licensure: Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Associate Professional Counselor
Associate Professional Counselor Extern

School Counseling Licensure

Office of Education Teaching & Learning
250 E. 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(801) 538-7740
School Counselor [K-12]

Utah Counseling Career Options

With Utah's population at 2.7 million, the state shows constant growth. As more people take residence in the state, the need for moderation rises. The average counselor in Utah earns $37,700 per year, making this a preferred career path for those interested in making a difference in society.

As a licensed counselor, the opportunities for employment are more focused on specific degree areas. School counselors work with students in schools while marriage and family counselors work with couples of families as a whole. Each contributes the same mental wellness to each and every client equally, making counseling a truly exceptional field to work in.

These programs are all accredited and accepting new applications in Utah. If interested in the licensure process, please contact the Utah Department of Occupational Professional Licensing for more information.

If you are looking for Marriage and Family Therapy programs, go to our guide on MFT programs in Utah.

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Schools With Campus-Based CACREP Accredited Utah Counseling Degrees

CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs) is the top accrediting board for counseling programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CACREP accredited counseling programs in Utah. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs or view online CACREP accredited counseling programs.

University of Phoenix - Utah

Salt Lake City
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
CACREP Accredited
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 2 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 9/1/1999 to 3/14/2020

Utah State University

MRC in Rehabilitation Counseling
CACREP Accredited
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year (Re-Accreditation In-Process)
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 7/1/2017 to 10/31/2020

Westminster College

Salt Lake City
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
CACREP Accredited
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 1/14/2017 to 10/31/2026

All Accredited Schools with Counseling Degrees in Utah

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Brigham Young University-Provo Provo
  • Doctorate - Marriage and Family Therapy
University of Phoenix - Utah Salt Lake City
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Utah State University Logan
  • MRC in Rehabilitation Counseling
Westminster College Salt Lake City
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counselor Salaries & Employment by Metro Area in Utah

City / Metro Area Average Salary Total Employed Salary Range
Lowest 25% to Highest 90%

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