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The Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) is an independent accreditation agency that focuses on the overall quality of counseling and psychology programs at the master's level. The goal of this organization is to ensure that educational programs providing master's degrees in these fields follow accurate psychological principles which can promote quality of learning to the students enrolled.

Programs considered for accreditation by this agency should consist of a number of factors that outline the overall accreditation process. Reviewers of educational programs seek to identify scientifically-based programs that provide consistent quality reviews on their own curriculum. Other fundamental properties that the MPCAC desires to see in its accredited programs is the implementation of experimentation and innovation - 2 factors that can lead to positive change in both fields.

Consider an online counseling program: The Counseling@NYU online program from NYU Steinhardt confers a master of arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness degree. The Counseling@NYU program is accredited by the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) under the Masters in Counseling Accreditation Committee (MCAC) standards. Learn more.
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MPCAC Counseling and Psychology AccreditationThe creation of the MPCAC accrediting agency was due in part by the lack of diversity in accreditation of both counseling and psychology degree programs at the master's level.

The Council on Accreditation for Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP - view CACREP accredited programs here) and the Master's in Psychology Accreditation Council (MPAC) were 2 agencies that were responsible for accrediting degree programs from counseling and psychology, with no middle ground for individualistic and diverse educational programs that may not fit into either agency's definition of an accredited program.

The MPCAC's mission is to provide a foundation for accreditation for degree programs that fit into the gray area between programs that the CACREP and the MPAC currently accredit, so that students are given the opportunity to explore licensure and practice in the field during their careers. As more and more universities receive accreditation for their available programs, the expansion of accreditation and wider spread availability of licensure could become a reality.

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MPCAC Accredited Programs Overview

After the MPCAC was introduced as a new accreditation agency, it immediately began to accredit master's programs all over the country. From 1995 to 2011, the MPCAC was responsible for the accreditation of 20 master's programs. Currently, there are 56 master's programs currently holding MPCAC accreditation in 22 states. These programs have met all of the recommendations of this agency and consist of degree programs that cover a required and reliable curriculum. Our team of experts has pulled some programs from the list of accredited schools in order to provide you with more information about what is provided at each. Take a look through the specific programs below.

  • The University of Denver - MA in Clinical Mental Health: This accredited degree program offered by the University of Denver in Colorado allows students to engage in 90 quarter credit hours of extensive education in the field of clinical psychology. In addition to the standard curriculum, students can choose to take 15 hours of elective courses in the following subject areas: addiction, adolescent counseling, couple and family counseling, diversity and social justice, and a blended option.
  • Augusta University - MS in Psychology - Clinical Track: Augusta University's MS in Psychology - Clinical Track can prepare learners for careers in research, therapy, or even leadership. This degree program consists of components that can instruct assessment methods, the social foundations of behavior, research methods, and biology in relation to psychological health. Completion of this degree program can lead learners into many diverse career options responsible for improving the overall quality of life of others. Students must complete 60 credit hours and 600 practicum hours in order to graduate.
  • Indiana University - MSEd in Counseling and Counselor Education - School Track: Indiana University currently provides a MPCAC accredited MSEd in Counseling and Counseling Education - School Track program for students interested in moving their expertise into the field of education. Through an intensive curriculum and practicum experience, students can learn more about the skills and concepts most commonly used in the school system. Completion of this degree program can help students obtain certification and licensure within their state.

Online MPCAC Accredited Programs

The MPCAC can be a great resource when seeking degree programs that have been consistently reviewed for quality. Within the programs that have currently received accreditation from the MPCAC, there are flexible and convenient options available for students with full-time positions or busy family lives to consider alongside their educational goals. Online degree programs can be a great way for you to exercise your learning skills without having to commit to long commutes to school each day or missing out on valuable time at work.

Online MPCAC accredited degree programs can provide you with the opportunity to log on to your courses via the university’s web page and access your assignments each week. Convenient communication tools such as online discussion boards and class email can make your learning experience even easier than in-person courses. The review and approval of online programs adds to the quality of these degrees so that they can lead you into profitable careers in the future.

Our team of educational experts has been researching educational programs and their corresponding careers for over a decade. Part of the task of reviewing accredited degree programs involves looking into the specific program constituents in order to see what aspects of the degree program set them apart from others in their field. In order to provide you with more information into the online accredited programs available to you, they have pulled information from some of the online programs approved by the MPCAC and provided them below for you to review. As you read through these available options, consider whether or not you can see yourself as a professional in one of these incredible fields.

  • New York University – Online MA in Counseling and Guidance & Online MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness: If you have an interest in helping others work through the trials and tribulations of a normal life, you could take advantage of New York University’s online degree programs in Counseling and Mental Health and Wellness. Each degree program has been reviewed by the MPCAC and can provide you with reliable and relevant information pertaining to your field of choice. These degree programs can prepare you for working with clients in the mental health setting, or even in the educational field.
  • The University of Massachusetts – Boston – Online MS in School Counseling & Online M.Ed in School Counseling: The University of Massachusetts at Boston can be a great place to involve yourself in a reliable online master’s program. The MPCAC currently accredits both the Online MS in School Counseling and the online M.Ed in School Counseling offered by this university. Each can provide you with a different outlook on school counseling from both a counseling and educational perspective. If you have the desire to work with children in this setting, either of these degree programs could be a great option for you to consider.

MPCAC vs. CACREP Accredited Counseling Programs

If you are new to researching counseling or counseling psychology degree programs, the influence of accreditation agencies such as the MPCAC and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) may be new concepts for you to learn. Both agencies are independent accreditation organizations that focus on improving the quality of education in counseling and psychology degree programs. In order to help you learn more about what each agency can provide to you, our team of educational experts has reviewed the services provided by each organization and provided this information in this helpful guide. Read more following this section to gain a better insight into which accreditation would be more useful for you.

The CACREP is one of the leading accreditation agencies for careers in the field of counseling. This agency has been operating since 1981, and has since accredited an incredible amount of both master’s and doctoral programs in the field of counseling. One of the primary benefits to the CACREP is that its accreditation is often required for licensure in some states. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), you should pursue degree programs – both traditional and online – that have received accreditation from the CACREP.

The MPCAC is a newer organization that seeks to bridge the gap between accreditation agencies in both counseling and psychology. Although this type of accreditation does not currently lead to licensure, it can provide students with access to reliable and reviewed degree programs in fields such as counseling psychology and counselor education. One added benefit to this type of accreditation is that it focuses more on providing students with scientifically reliable degree programs that can help to promote success in non-licensed careers in counseling and psychology.

Benefits of MPCAC Accredited Counseling Programs

The MPCAC prides itself on its ability to accurately review and accredit reliable educational programs at the master’s level. This organization seeks to provide benefits to the public that include the assurance of reliable and properly trained mental health professionals, since the need for mental health employees continues to grow with the current population. Reviewed and accredited degree programs can promote success in graduates, which can then translate to positive results for graduates and the general public in the workforce.

Benefits of MPCAC accreditation can also be found when spotlighting students enrolled in accredited degree programs. The investment in higher education should include a guarantee of quality of the program being completed. If you choose to apply to programs that have received this type of review and acceptance, you can be receiving a return on your investment that can be utilized during your everyday career.

The fields of counseling and psychology can benefit from the addition of independent agencies such as the MPCAC. Alternative review processes and accreditation standards can incorporate better quality control for educational institutions that provide programs in these areas, which can indirectly influence students, professionals, and the field alike. Employers that are hiring graduates from these accredited degree programs can also benefit from knowing that their new employees have received ample information about the skills and requirements of their positions.

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