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The Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling seeks to educate students on providing support, strength, and guidance to individuals coping with emotional or physical disabilities. This degree program can be found in the online environment and is one of the few specialties that receives accreditation through the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

The master's is the most sought-out degree program since it is the minimum degree requirement for licensure. This degree program can train you to interview, assess, and intervene with clients that are seeking normal lifestyles in conjunction with their diagnoses.

While in this career field, you may work with clients that present with a wide range of illness and disease. Through online or traditional learning programs, you can gain better insight into how these disorders hinder great emotional health, as well as interventions that can build strength and self-esteem.

The online Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling can be an excellent option for upcoming students with the energy and motivation to help others in need. This incredible degree program can be found at multiple universities across the United States.

The training for this area of counseling provides practice within the same methods of counseling as standard counseling concentration. Students may be provided with additional training in emotional and physical illness and disability as a means to provide them with further expertise into their client base.

If you are one of the many students considering this specialty for your career, you can use your skills to help people accept their disability and move on to have happy and full lives. Read more in the guide below to learn about educational paths to this career field.

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School and Program InformationOnline Program?
Entry Requirements
Course Information
Northwestern University
Online MA in Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs CACREP Accredited
GRE Not Required
Earn a CACREP-accredited master’s in counseling online top-10 ranked Northwestern University in as few as 18 months. GRE not required. Bachelor's required.
Learn More
University of Denver
Online MA in School Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs Designed to adhere to CACREP standards
GRE Scores Not Required
Learn from doctoral-level faculty in live classes and gain experience through mock counseling and in-field training.
Learn More
NYU Steinhardt
Online MA in Counseling and Guidance
MPCAC Accredited Programs MPCAC Accredited
GRE scores are not required for admission.
Prepares aspiring school counselors to become transformative leaders and critical resources for pre-K-12 students in public and private schools
Learn More
Our Lady of the Lake University
Online MA in Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs Designed to adhere to CACREP standards
No GRE required.
Three specializations in Clinical Mental Health, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, or School Counseling.
Learn More
University of Southern California
Online Master of Education (ME) in School Counseling
Can be completed in less than 2 years.
No GRE requirement
Classes led by USC Rossier faculty who are experts in school counseling, educational leadership and family therapy.
Learn More

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Online Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling Degrees

Since the online Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling is the quickest path to licensure as a counselor in this field, this is where a lot of students end their educational experience. The master's program can provide you with experience in studying the literature of practice in this field, as well as allow you to engage in clinical experiences under the supervision of licensed counselors.

As you look through online programs to apply to, you should make sure that each program has received the appropriate accreditation from the CACREP. Most states require that your degree program hold this accreditation in order to count for your licensing.

Auburn University is currently a popular provider of online Rehabilitation Counseling degree programs. Auburn's M.Ed. in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling is current available to students through online learning and can be completed in around 3 years for most.

Another university that students look to for reliable programs is the University of Kentucky. UK's online M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling can provide you with in-depth insight into treatment in this field and can result in licensure after completing all practical requirements alongside your graduation.

These universities and many more can be your destination for reliable training and expertise with this treatment group. Online and traditional programs in this field can both be excellent resources for you as you progress into this career.

Sample Courses for the Masters

The curriculum within your online Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling can be incredibly vital to your development as a counselor. Each degree program available may have unique courses within their program that were designed to help increase your knowledge of this treatment specialization.

Courses like Functional and Environmental Aspects of Disability can provide you with knowledge about how lifestyles and environments are impacted by different forms of disability. Modifying one’s perspective to view the world from a disabled standpoint can provide you with relevant knowledge for use with your clients.

Additional Courses like Vocational Rehabilitation can provide you with experience and expertise in assessing the skills of your clients and assisting them with finding career opportunities for their emotional growth. Working and leading an independent lifestyle can be an incredibly important milestone for people with disabilities, making it an important aspect of the learning process for upcoming practitioners.

Generalized courses like Lifespan Development and Psychopathology can also provide learners with a baseline of knowledge from the normal development perspective, as well as insight into common mental health disorders and illnesses. These courses can combine to create a valid and in-depth foundation of expertise for upcoming professionals.

What Degree Levels Are There For Rehabilitation Counseling?

Students considering a transition into this degree specialization should be knowledgeable of the licensure requirements in their state. Most states require that you hold at minimum a master’s degree from an accredited university before being considered for licensure.

Even though the master’s is the level for licensing, you can begin your learning experience in Rehabilitation Counseling as early as the bachelor’s level. Some students work towards this career path begin their experience with online Bachelor’s in Psychology or Counseling. View the overview on Rehabilitation Counseling degrees.

The Bachelor’s in Psychology can provide an excellent foundation for learners on the path to a career in Rehabilitation Counseling. The basic fundamentals of emotion, behavior, and environmental influence can be taught at this level, which can be great entry information for new learners.

The Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling is a popular degree program that can be found at multiple colleges across the country. This degree program can provide focus specifically in working with individuals with emotional or physical disabilities without the need for additional training or certification.

Doctoral programs in Rehabilitation Counseling can also be found in the online setting. Doctoral level programs may be focused on research surrounding service in this field or advanced practice. Depending on the career path you are seeking, either program could be great for your career growth.

Path To Working In Rehabilitation Counseling

If this is your first experience with college education, you might be wondering what path you need to take to end up working as a Rehabilitation Counselor. Since accreditation and licensing are important components in your path, you should choose your degree programs carefully and ensure the quality of your choices.

At the very beginning of your experience, you should choose an undergraduate program that both meets the requirements of acceptance into later programs and consists of the topics important to you. Most students transitioning into Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling choose Bachelor’s in Psychology, Counseling, or Social Work for their initial training.

Once you have completed the 4-year bachelor’s experience, you can find online Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling programs to enroll in. There are multiple CACREP-accredited online programs offered throughout the U.S., with the CACREP providing you with a list of online programs to choose from.

The Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling takes 2-3 years to complete depending on your enrollment status and may include some in-person training requirements throughout the program. A majority of the work in online programs may also be completed from your very own home.

Following the master’s program, your state may require that you participate in a supervised clinical experience requirement under supervision of a licensed Rehabilitation Counselor. You can choose your location for training or ask your school advisor for guidance in locating one.

Completion of your degree and experience requirements can then lead you into your board examination. The board examination is also a requirement for licensure and may include topics and scenarios related to your studies and clinical experience.

Once you have completed these steps, you may be eligible for licensing in your state. Our team encourages you to explore your state’s unique requirements for licensure to ensure that you have met each requirement before applying.

Most Important Rehabilitation Counseling Organizations To Know

It can be extremely important as an upcoming professional to have guidance and support within a new career. A lot of licensed professionals in the U.S. become members of professional organizations in their practice field as a means for outreach, support, and further learning along the way.

As a Rehabilitation Counselor, organizations such as the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association could be exactly what you are looking for at the onset of your experience. Professionals with years of experience, practitioners in multiple fields, and researchers may all be a part of this organization, making it an excellent place to seek knowledge and guidance.

These organizations may also conduct seminars and conferences to help counselors expand their knowledge in this field. This organization is one of many designed for professionals in the field of counseling.

The National Rehabilitation Association is an alternative organization that you can become a part of once entering into the field. This organization releases the Journal of Rehabilitation and organizes conferences for continued training and education.

Membership to this organization can potentially assist you in obtaining reduced fees for conference attendance and journal subscription. As a new professional, these resources could be extremely important to your professional growth in this field.

Career Options For Rehabilitation Counseling

If you have completed all of the hard work required to graduate from a master’s program, a clinical experience requirement, and a board examination, you may be prepared for an exciting career in Rehabilitation Counseling. Your licensing can potentially open up doors in diverse career fields working with a wide range of clients.

One of the most popular career destinations for Rehabilitation Counselors is within rehabilitation facilities. In this setting, you can work with people from all age groups that are recovering from serious accidents or illness, or even those diagnosed with serious physical or mental illnesses.

In some cases, hospitals and other acute care centers may hire Rehabilitation Counselors to work with clients currently under care of the facility. Rehabilitation Counselors can provide support and guidance to patients as they navigate new illnesses or physical impairments within their lives.

Rehabilitation Counselors can also work for specialty clinics focused on mental health, language development, or physical therapy. The expertise of these professionals can be extremely beneficial to clients receiving a wide range of services for diverse reasons.

Lastly, receiving licensure within this practice field can make it possible for you to work independently within your community. People that are seeking private Rehabilitation Counseling could consult you for needs within their personal lives, with coping with serious illness or disorder, or for lifelong support as they progress through acceptance.

List of Programs

Northwestern University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of Denver 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

NYU Steinhardt 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Our Lady of the Lake University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of Southern California 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Vanderbilt University's Peabody College 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of West Alabama 🗹 Online 🗖 Bachelors 🗗 Masters

University of West Alabama 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

NYU Steinhardt 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

East Central University 🗹 Online 🗖 Bachelors

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