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There are 81 Bachelor's of Counseling Degrees in the United States. Many people chose a related area of study for their undergraduate degree, such as Psychology. However, as more universities bring their undergraduate programs online, more specific degree specialties are coming online.

Several online Bachelor's degrees include: BA in Psychology, BA in Mental Health, and Bachelor's of Counseling.

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Online Bachelor in Counseling Degrees

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There are over 80 different Bachelor's of Counseling degrees in our directory, with the Bachelor's of Counseling Psychology and Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling degrees being the most popular.

The field of psychology and counseling as a whole encompasses the many different aspects of mental health. Over the last century, psychology has been divided into several different aspects.

Each branch of psychology specializes in different disorders, varying degrees of seriousness of disorders, and application of treatments of patients. Of all psychological careers, there is one that stands out as one of the most preferred – counseling. The field of counseling deals with everyday individuals that are suffering from mental distress.

Bachelor's in Counseling Degree Programs Online

If you have a Bachelor of Social Work degree, you might consider a Master of Counseling to advance into counseling.

If you are still looking for an undergraduate degree in the counseling or psychology area, you might consider an online bachelor's program.

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The Need for a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling

The most preferred degree path for upcoming counselors is at the bachelor's level. This 4-year path provides learners with the foundation they need for a successful career in the field of counseling.

When deciding where to start, some individuals have found that the most flexible path to a bachelor's degree is through online educational platforms. Over the last few years, more students have found online degree programs to be convenient and effective, making them a leading source of education for interested applicants.

Online Bachelor's of Counseling

Through online degree programs, students will increase their career potential, gain the information needed to be the most qualified professional, and lead a life that increases the quality of life for others. There is truly no better place for individuals with the drive for success than the field of counseling. The path to success begins with choosing the right college.

Online bachelor's degree programs in the field of counseling are designed to provide learners with valid and relevant course work that will inspire them to be the most efficient professionals in the field. People that seek out counselors rely on the ethical standards of their counselors and their overall professionalism to assist them with the issues that are ailing them.

Specific Bachelors in Counseling Programs

What Does a Counselor Do?

Counselors are the leading source of support for individuals that suffer from minor mental disabilities or those going through difficult life struggles. As a counselor, a professional will play a role in the development and implementation of helpful support plans that will assist patients with getting on the path to happier and healthier lives.

Undergraduate Course Schedule Expectations

Counseling Degree StrategyAt the beginning of a degree program, students will be required to take a set of prerequisite courses including basic algebra, history, and arts. These courses are a general requirement for all bachelor’s degree programs and prepare the learner for further learning in their respective majors. After completing the prerequisite course, or while they are in progress, students will integrate psychological-based courses into their schedules.

Expect Psychology, Counseling, Family Therapy Courses

Courses such as General Psychology, Individual Counseling, and Family Therapy are a few of the many classes that students will be required to take during their degree program. These courses outline the many different aspects of counseling that students will need to know while in the field.

A Note on the Impact of Psychology on Counselors
Psychology is a very diverse field, so students will need to be in touch with the varying aspects so that they are well-rounded and understanding professionals. Online learning platforms provide ample support to students without the need for in-person attendance.

Learning Online
Students that choose to indulge in online learning receive the same quality of education as individuals in traditional in-person degree programs. There is no doubt that counseling is one of the most popular career paths throughout the country. Those wishing to get involved can take part in one of the many online bachelor’s degree programs without delay.

Getting into the Mental Health Counseling Field

The mental health field is constantly looking for degree holders to fill open positions. With the growth of the field of psychology as a whole, more people are becoming fond of what counselors have to provide to society. Since psychology and its branches are relatively new in comparison to other sciences, they have worked hard to prove their worth to society. Those that pursue an online undergraduate degree in counseling will be pleased with what it has to offer.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s in Counseling?

With a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling, individuals can find job opportunities in a wide variety of settings. Bachelor’s degree holders are found in mental health facilities as mental health technicians or behavior health specialists.


These professionals are responsible for planning and developing support programs for patients, as well as reporting progress to directors. Individuals at this level can also be assisting professionals to licensed counselors or psychologists in the field.

Many positions through community health departments and social services rely on degree holders to be helpful assets within their organizations, making this degree program highly profitable for individuals that put in the hard work to obtain them.

Salary Expectations

The BLS reports that individuals specializing in mental health social work can earn $47,190 per year while working in the United States. The potential to earn in this field varies greatly on the amount of experience an individual has working in the mental health field and what area of the country he or she is working.

For a degree that provides well for professionals throughout the field, counseling is a great place to settle into a lifelong career.

The Need for Education

Choosing a degree is more than just an educational choice, it is a choice that will change an individual’s life for the better. Having a college degree is an accomplishment that not all people have access to. Since online degree programs have grown in popularity, more people are able to get back into school and better their lives.

Online Bachelor’s degrees in Counseling provide everything an individual will need to get ahead of the rest in the mental health field. People that are committed to helping individuals bounce back from unfortunate life circumstances or wish to guide individuals to peace of mind are a great fit for the field of counseling.

Counseling is a very delicate field that requires only the most qualified professionals. Individuals with these dreams should begin their journey to an excellent career in counseling by enrolling in an accredited online degree program. In 4 years or less, students can complete a degree program that will allow them access to employment in hospitals, mental health facilities, or even specialized state departments. There is no better time than the present to enroll in a degree program that will provide well financially for individuals and families alike.

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