List of Counseling Degrees in New Hampshire

There can be many different degree options for individuals with an interest in helping the people around them. In New Hampshire, students that wish to have a career that can change the lives of others can seek out Master of Counseling degree programs to help set them on the right path.

Throughout the entire state, there are more than a dozen degree programs open and available for you to consider.

There are 4 different CACREP accredited counseling programs at 2 different universities in New Hampshire. You might also consider an online counseling program - there are a number that have CACREP accredited programs.

The most popular degree offering in New Hampshire is the Master's of Counseling degree. There are 10 Master's-level counseling degree programs offered at universities with campus locations in New Hampshire.

Colleges such as Plymouth State University can help you learn more about what is required of professional counselors within your state, as well as some of the most reliable methods for working with people from diverse lifestyles and backgrounds. Our team of experts has created this helpful guide to help enlighten you on the possibilities you can pursue within your home state.

New Hampshire offers an array of Master of Counseling programs for students with varying career aspirations. One of the most popular degree specializations in this state is within Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which can be found at multiple universities all over the state.

Some other specialization options available are in substance abuse counseling and career counseling.

Here are a few schools in New Hampshire with CACREP-accredited counseling programs:
  • Plymouth State University: M.Ed. in School Counseling M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
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Consider a Featured Online Counseling Program

Online CACREP Master of Counseling Programs in New Hampshire

When you have prepared yourself for enrollment in a Master of Counseling program, you should seek out degree programs that contain all of your required elements for success. Both professionals residing in the state of New Hampshire can take advantage of online offerings in this field as a way to pursue successful careers without a large time sacrifice. Online Master of Counseling degree programs in New Hampshire can allow students to continue engaging in their normal day-to-day rituals without having to rearrange schedules and lose out on time at work in order to increase their education.

Antioch University New England Counseling Programs

Antioch University New England is the leading provider of convenient online Master of Counseling programs in this state, making it a great place to begin your search. Antioch offers an online Master of Counseling in Mental Health Counseling that is accredited by the CACREP.

Antioch's Online Master of Counseling in Mental Health Counseling is built for upcoming students with the urge to work with people managing difficult life circumstances or mental health disorders. This program includes a 60 credit hour component that students can complete in 3 years at the full-time rate. If you are looking for even more flexibility, you can choose to pursue your degree at a part-time rate, which has a 4-5 year completion time for most students.

Thinking About New Hampshire Counseling Licensure

The advantage of choosing CACREP accredited degree programs is extremely beneficial for online learners in New Hampshire. This state requires that graduates provide proof of a CACREP-accredited masters degree prior to being considered for licensure, making this type of degree program vital for working with clients in the field. Accreditation can also mean that you can be involved with an in-depth and relevant curriculum that can educate you deeper on the techniques and policies related to the field of counseling.

Other Counseling Specializations in the Works

Antioch University is currently in the process of approving other specializations through the CACREP, which can lead to even more opportunity to upcoming counselors in the future. While you browse through different counseling degree programs looking for the perfect fit, you should always verify that your choices have received accreditation from the CACREP before submitting your final application.

Snapshot: Online CACREP Accredited Programs

☰ For detailed degree information, view the guides to:
Online CACREP Accredited programs | Online MPCAC Accredited programs

Online Master of Counseling Degrees in New Hampshire

If you are like many others seeking convenience with your education, you might be delighted to learn that New Hampshire offers an online Master of Counseling that has received the proper accreditation for future licensure.

New Hampshire’s online Master of Counseling programs can teach you more about the standards of conduct of counselors within your state, proper methods for achieving success with your patients, and theories that have contributed to the improvement of the counseling field over time.

More and more students may be choosing online degree programs as a method of balancing their daily responsibilities with their drive and determination to succeed in the future. If you would like to learn more about these incredible online programs, our team encourages you to seek out further information on online Master of Counseling programs at Antioch University.

The small state of New Hampshire is full of life. From the state’s extensive history to its profound wilderness, New Hampshire is an exciting place to find a career in counseling. For those that have not completed a degree program, it is also an excellent place to attend a university.

Over the entire state, New Hampshire has a total of 14 degree programs available in counseling. These programs range from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees with focus on fields such as mental health counseling, school counseling, and substance abuse counseling. Each of these subjects provides needed services to the state as a whole.

Specialized Counseling Degrees

School Counseling Degree
The children that are serviced through school counseling are the future of the country. School is already stressful enough without having to plan each step alone. School counselors provide the support that these students needs.

Substance Abuse Counseling Degree
Substance abuse counselors provide direct assistance to people suffering from addiction, which is a rising problem throughout the country.

Mental Health Counseling Degree
Mental health counseling, which is a popular degree program in this state, assists those with mental disorders that need guidance with adjustment.

Counseling Career Guide

Still Looking for a Counseling Degree?

Here are some of the most popular online counseling programs. On each page you will find a detailed write-up of the program, specific courses, and schools that offer that program that are currently accepting applicants.

New Hampshire Counseling Licensure: New Hampshire Counseling Licensing Boards

New Hampshire Counseling Licensure

Board of Mental Health Practice
117 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
800/735-2954 TDD
Licensure: Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC)

School Counseling Licensure

Department of Education
Bureau of Credentialing

101 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-3494
School Guidance Counselor [K-12]

Professional Counseling Licensure in New Hampshire

If you are intrigued by the field of counseling and would like to learn more about what you need to do to become licensed within your state, you should review the counselor requirements set forth by the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice. This agency can outline the licensing requirements present within this state.

In order to become a licensed counselor in New Hampshire, individuals must obtain a graduate degree from one of the state's accredited universities. Upon completion of a degree program, a graduate can apply for licensure through the state. Licensed professionals have taken part in work experience that is supervised and also successfully passed a state board exam in counseling.

As a licensed counselor, professionals can work in many different settings. Counselors work in hospitals, helping those with illness cope with their situation. Counselors also work in schools and rehabilitation facilities. Regardless of the level of degree, there are vast employment opportunities for those with a degree in counseling. If individuals are seeking a degree program that will provide opportunity for a lifetime, counseling is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for Marriage and Family Therapy programs, go to our guide on MFT programs in New Hampshire.

Popular Online Counseling Programs

University of Southern California 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Capella University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters 🗗 Doctorate

Northwestern University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Pepperdine University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

NYU Steinhardt 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Pepperdine University 🗹 Online

Our Lady of the Lake University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 🗹 Online

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) 🗹 Online 🗗 Bachelors

Schools With Campus-Based CACREP Accredited New Hampshire Counseling Degrees

CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs) is the top accrediting board for counseling programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CACREP accredited counseling programs in New Hampshire. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs or view online CACREP accredited counseling programs.

Plymouth State University

M.Ed. in School Counseling
CACREP Accredited
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 7/10/2005 to 3/31/2023
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
CACREP Accredited
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 7/10/2005 to 3/31/2023

All Accredited Schools with Counseling Degrees in New Hampshire

View all programs in New Hampshire below, or jump to all New Hampshire CACREP accredited counseling programs.
Keene State College Keene
  • Associates - Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
  • Bachelors - Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
NHTI-Concords Community College Concord
  • Associates - Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
Plymouth State University Plymouth
  • M.Ed. in School Counseling
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counselor Salaries & Employment by Metro Area in New Hampshire

City / Metro Area Average Salary Total Employed Salary Range
Lowest 25% to Highest 90%

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