Rhode Island Counseling Degree Programs

Residents of the great state of Rhode Island can look to cities such as Providence for their future learning experiences. This city is a central hub for Master of Counseling degree programs, through universities such as Rhode Island College.

The Master of Counseling program through this university can prepare you to learn more about the field of counseling and the many different constituents to future licensure in the field.

If you are one of the many students interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor in the future, you should take a look at the list of requirements for licensing in the state of Rhode Island.

The agency responsible for reviewing your application for licensure is the Rhode Island Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Consider a Featured Online Counseling Program

School and Program InformationOnline Program?
Entry Requirements
Course Information
Northwestern University
Online MA in Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs CACREP Accredited
GRE Not Required
Earn a CACREP-accredited master’s in counseling online top-10 ranked Northwestern University in as few as 18 months. GRE not required. Bachelor's required.
Learn More
University of Denver
Online MA in School Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs Designed to adhere to CACREP standards
GRE Scores Not Required
Learn from doctoral-level faculty in live classes and gain experience through mock counseling and in-field training.
Learn More
NYU Steinhardt
Online MA in Counseling and Guidance
MPCAC Accredited Programs MPCAC Accredited
GRE scores are not required for admission.
Prepares aspiring school counselors to become transformative leaders and critical resources for pre-K-12 students in public and private schools
Learn More
Our Lady of the Lake University
Online MA in Counseling
CACREP Accredited Programs Designed to adhere to CACREP standards
No GRE required.
Three specializations in Clinical Mental Health, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, or School Counseling.
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University of Southern California
Online Master of Education (ME) in School Counseling
Can be completed in less than 2 years.
No GRE requirement
Classes led by USC Rossier faculty who are experts in school counseling, educational leadership and family therapy.
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Snapshot: Online CACREP Accredited Programs

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Online CACREP Accredited programs | Online MPCAC Accredited programs

Online Master of Counseling Degrees in Rhode Island

The online route to higher education may be one of the fastest growing options for current students. Residents of Rhode Island interested in taking online courses during their program can do so through online Master of Counseling degree programs.

The benefits of these programs include the flexibility to complete your homework at times that work for you, the option to log in from anywhere, and the convenience of working at your own pace. Students with the ability to effectively manage an independent schedule and the urge to engage in self-learning may be the best candidates for online Master of Counseling programs within this state.

CACREP Accredited Master of Counseling Degrees in Rhode Island

As part of the general licensing requirements for professional counselors in Rhode Island, upcoming students must choose degree programs that have received proper accreditation in their field. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) should be your guiding resource when seeking out new programs to enroll in.

The CACREP website can provide you with information about how accreditation is completed, as well as the guidelines for continuing accreditation and a list of current accredited online degree programs.

Counseling Programs in Rhode Island

We have 7 counseling degrees in Rhode Island in our directory. With a population of just over a million, Rhode Island represents American living at its finest. The state itself offers 7 degree programs, at all degree levels and a variety of majors.

Surprisingly, despite having only 7 degrees in the very small state, there are degrees available at every level – Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral -spread across 6 different colleges and universities throughout the state.

The care given by counselors provides clients with the ability to lead normal lives. Most people dwell on the stresses of life, with no ability to cope or move forward. Counselors help clients come to terms with what life has dealt them, leading into a life filled with joy and prosperity.

For the individuals in Rhode Island that are interested in working in the counseling field, there are numerous universities awaiting the presence of new students. The most popular city choice for new students is Providence, with its attractive degree programs and dense population.

Rhode Island Counseling Degrees

  • 7 different counseling degrees in Rhode Island
  • According to the BLS, average salary for Rhode Island professional counselors is around $35,040 annually

Counselor Salaries & Employment by Metro Area in Rhode Island

City / Metro AreaAverage SalaryTotal EmployedSalary Range
Lowest 25% to Highest 90%
$55,680 to $132,900

Rhode Island Counseling Licensure: Rhode Island Counseling Licensing Boards

Rhode Island Counseling Licensure

Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists
3 Capitol Hill, Room 104
Providence, RI 02908
Licensure: Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC)

School Counseling Licensure

Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Educator Quality & Certification

255 Westminister Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-4600, ext. 2003
[email protected]
School Counselor [PK-12]

Skills to Be a Counselor

Working in the field of counseling provides a great sense of self for professionals. Having great communication skills and general caring nature for people are traits that complement a counselor well. Undergraduates are able to find jobs in Rhode Island in many positions working with the general public.

Their knowledge of human behavior and interaction give undergraduates an advantage in the job market. Graduate level degree holders can work in hospitals or even start a practice all their own. The average counselor in Rhode Island makes $35,040, making it a lucrative choice for new students interested in getting into the field.

Substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling are quite popular in Rhode Island, providing care to those suffering from addiction and those with mental disorders.

Rhode Island is the ideal home for sailors, located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean this land is definitive of the history of America. Those interested in a degree in counseling will find a welcoming home in Rhode Island.

If you are looking for Marriage and Family Therapy programs, go to our guide on MFT programs in Rhode Island.

Popular Online Counseling Programs

Northwestern University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of Denver 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

NYU Steinhardt 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Our Lady of the Lake University 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of Southern California 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

Vanderbilt University's Peabody College 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

University of West Alabama 🗹 Online 🗖 Bachelors 🗗 Masters

University of West Alabama 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

NYU Steinhardt 🗹 Online 🗗 Masters

East Central University 🗹 Online 🗖 Bachelors

Campus-Based CACREP Accredited Rhode Island Counseling Degrees

CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs) is the top accrediting board for counseling programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CACREP accredited counseling programs in Rhode Island. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs or view online CACREP accredited counseling programs.

Rhode Island College

CACREP Accredited
M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 1/7/2015 to 10/31/2024

Salve Regina University

CACREP Accredited
M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • CACREP Status: Accredited, 8 Year
  • CACREP Accreditation Runs: 7/1/2017 to 10/31/2025

All Accredited Schools with Counseling Degrees in Rhode Island

View all programs in Rhode Island below, or jump to all Rhode Island CACREP accredited counseling programs.
Community College of Rhode Island
  • Associates - Mental Health Counseling
  • Associates - Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
Johnson & Wales University-Providence
  • Bachelors - Counseling Psychology
Rhode Island College
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Salve Regina University
  • M.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling
University of Rhode Island
  • Doctorate - Clinical Counseling
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