Accredited Online Bachelors Degree in Psychology

For those who desire a nuanced understanding of human behavior and a profession that provides rewarding challenges, an online bachelor’s in psychology offers a career path.

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology is a reliable step toward achieving a lifelong career of helping others to help themselves. Whether you want to work in addiction counseling, social work, or a related field, a strong psychology program will get you started.

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Why Consider Psychology?

Psychology is a professionally rewarding, personally fulfilling field of study, with increasing opportunities to impact the lives of others as the stigmas around addiction and mental health continue to decline. The field demands critical thinking and creativity while guiding you as you learn about yourself and others.

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Bachelor’s in Psychology

An online bachelor’s degree in psychology is a primary starting point for a career in the social sciences. During your three to four years of study, you’ll come to understand the history, methodology, and practical applications associated with work in psychology. Near the end of your program, you’ll participate in an internship that’ll net you priceless clinical experience and prepare you for future education and employment.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Admission Requirements

Admission into an online bachelor’s degree in psychology program is typically no different from admission into any other bachelor’s degree program. Though the exact requirements may vary by school, there are some common items needed by most universities.

Our educational experts have gathered a list of the necessities, so you can begin to prepare for the application process. You should expect to provide either a high school or GED diploma, the results of at least one standardized exam, and a personal statement of intent.

High School Diploma or GED

To apply for postsecondary education, you’ll need to earn either a high school or GED diploma before universities will consider you for enrollment. This includes providing your high school transcript and GPA.

Standardized Tests

To qualify for nearly any bachelor’s degree in psychology, you’ll be required to provide scores for one or both of the major standardized tests offered in your high school years: the ACT or SAT. These content-based exams are designed to test your general knowledge in various subjects: math, science, writing, and more.

Personal Statement of Intent

Most universities will require you to write a short statement about why you want to attend their school, what you hope to achieve, and why they ought to accept you. Depending on the exact criteria of your target school, specific details or information may be required.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Online Program and Coursework

Your first two years of postsecondary education will be filled with introductory psychology courses and mandatory core classes. It’s best to complete these as soon as possible, so you can dedicate your latter years to the advanced coursework that more directly relates to your field of study.

Generally, you can expect most degree programs to include multiple interactive classes per week, requiring individual attention and sometimes group collaboration efforts. Assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects will vary by class, but should all be expected at some point during your college career. The average time it takes to complete these programs and a selection of sample courses are outlined below.

Program Length

You can expect to earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology online in four years, usually divided into two semesters per year. Some students will choose to customize their learning path with a more rigorous, accelerated program, which may include additional classes during the summer and an increased credit workload each semester.

Typically, within your final year or two, you’ll need to complete an internship with a local clinic, hospital, or similar workplace. An internship is a valuable opportunity to develop practical experience in the field and understand what to expect when you enter the workforce. Sometimes, universities will help you organize your internship search, but you may be required to find one on your own.

Sample Courses

An online bachelor’s in psychology comes with many courses instrumental to filling out a well-rounded study of the practices, research, and applications of contemporary psychology and counseling work. A good program curriculum will help students develop the necessary critical-thinking skills, empathic understanding, and research-savvy tendencies that they’ll need to flourish in their academic and career goals.

Some coursework is subject to change depending on whether a student has a specialization, but the coursework will always focus on the science of human behavior and education supporting that pursuit. Abnormal psychology, personality psychology, statistics, and the history of psychology are among the common courses.

Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is an area of study that spans various topics: The course on abnormal psychology seeks to teach the history and treatment of various disorders, including mood disorders, personality disorders, substance misuse/abuse.

Personality Psychology

Determined to understand how individual personalities compare and contrast, the course on personality psychology supplies a fundamental background in theories of personality development. Through the study of these theories you’ll learn to assess, diagnose, and respond to disruptive personality disorders.


Statistics are an integral part of the research process that all aspiring psychologists will need to perform. The course on statistics prepares you to analyze human behavior and adjacent subjects of study techniques and methods that researchers employ in clinical settings and beyond.

History of Psychology

The course on the history of psychology gives students a deep dive into the research and techniques of early psychological sciences; a student can begin to understand the purpose and styles of modern practices. Most courses on the history of psychology will cover the ancient origins of psychological studies and individuals who helped shape and impact today’s science.

Electives That Support an Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Students who pursue a master’s of psychology program following the completion of their accredited online bachelor’s degree in psychology often need to select a special emphasis for their education, but bachelor’s programs are different. At this stage in the learning process, students need to fill out their course hours with electives, so it’s best to take some time to consider which electives might be most beneficial.

If you have a specific end goal, you can select the electives that accommodate that particular goal; otherwise, you can choose from a nearly endless variety of options that can provide useful knowledge.

Who Should Consider an Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree? 

Psychology is a dynamic field of study, with seemingly endless areas of specialization and practical application as a career. However, if your goal is to pursue psychology to profoundly impact the lives of individuals and families, you’ll need to consider earning an accredited master’s degree in psychology after earning your bachelor’s. Though having only a bachelor’s offers opportunity for work, the degree is generally regarded as a mandatory steppingstone to further education and licensure.

If you want to help people to help themselves and foster ongoing change in their lives, an education in psychology is a good place for you to start.

Take a moment to consider the online psychology bachelor’s degrees that are available. You only have so much time, so let us help you expedite the search process by narrowing down your next steps and providing you the best options to begin the next stage of your learning journey.

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