20 Advanced Standing Master of Social Work (MSW) Programs Online

If you have a job in social work, you likely already have a bachelor’s degree. But if you want to progress in your career, you might find that you need an advanced degree. Whether you’re trying to advance your career or want to consider a specialty in this field, getting a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree should be a consideration.

Of course, finding two or more years to get your master’s degree can sound daunting if you’re already working full-time. That’s why you should look into MSW advanced standing programs online so you can get this degree a little sooner. So, what does advanced standing mean? This is a slightly quicker educational track that lets you get your MSW within one to two years. After all, you can skip most or all of the introductory courses you would have to take with a traditional MSW program simply because you have a BSW from an accredited college.  

This will put you a little closer to getting that promotion or going after a job in social work that requires a master’s degree. Plus, you’ll find that most MSW advanced standing programs take place online, allowing you to work weekdays at your job and then study during nights and weekends. So, if you like the idea of taking Master of Social Work courses from the comfort of your own home — and getting a graduate degree in one to two years — check out 20 of the advanced standing MSW programs online that are available to you.

Consider an online counseling program: This program offers a general cognate and an individual and family clinical cognate. No matter which option you choose, you’ll receive advanced generalist training in social policy, research, and practice — as well as the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your field. Online and on campus. Training Champions for Christ since 1971. Learn more.
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