Accelerated Psychology Degree Online

An accelerated psychology degree can help you enter a variety of different fields. Many also use it as a stepping stone to a career in mental health or therapy. It can also serve as a great launching pad to future educational efforts, including entering graduate school.

Indeed, there are many benefits when it comes to earning an accelerated psychology degree online. These include:

  • Earning a useful and career-building educational degree that can help you in your career
  • Getting this degree in a much quicker time period than you would if you took a more traditional educational approach
  • Earning the degree from the comfort of your own home, working on a timetable that is potentially flexible and built around your needs.

  • This barely scratches the surface of just how impactful it can be for you to earn an accelerated psychology degree online. Let's learn more about how you can earn this degree, and what it can really do for your career.

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    Steps to Earn an Accelerated Psychology Degree Online

    First and foremost, you have to find a program that works for you. There are many resources available that can help you identify programs that you may be eligible for.

    From there, investigate each option that you may be interested in, keeping in mind the following factors:

    • How long it will take for you to earn the degree
    • Overall cost of the program
    • Supports that are given while you are in the program and for after you complete it
    • Flexibility of the program if you are balancing other career or family responsibilities

    Once you start the program, you will have to attend classes and complete coursework, reports, and exams - just like any other educational experience. 

    What Do You Study to Earn an Accelerated Psychology Bachelor's Degree?

    What specifically you study when earning your accelerated psychology degree online depends on the specific nature of the program and what you are studying. However, there are likely some educational experiences that will be the same regardless of where you study. These include:

    • Study of the brain and mind
    • Psychological and mood disorders
    • Basic biology and chemistry as it impacts neuroscience and the functioning of the brain
    • The basics of psychological experimentation and research
    • Group-think and how social dynamics can alter human behavior
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      How Long Does It Take to Earn Your Accelerated Psychology Degree?

      How long it takes to earn your accelerated psychology degree online depends on the program that you select and the quality of the degree that you want. There are some programs that offer you a degree in as little as a few months! This, of course, will be a very intensive program, and it may not offer some of the same benefits that other, slower programs may offer.

      A more typical time period is 3-4 years, with three being in the faster range. With concentrated effort, it is possible to earn your accelerated psychology bachelor's degree faster, but this depends on your flexibility and how much time you have to complete your work. 

      Career Options for Individuals with an Accelerated Psychology Degree?

      A psychology degree can potentially start you on a path towards a very lucrative career. The degree is so broad that it can be an excellent starting point for virtually any line of work, including business, teaching, governmental service, sales, or more. The education you receive in this field, such as learning about the functioning of the human mind, can be absolutely critical when it comes to any career path.

      More advanced psychological careers usually require earning a more advanced degree, such as a Master's in Social Work or Counseling.

      Salary varies based on the career. For example, holders of a Master's in Social Work will usually start at around $40,000 but average in the mid $50,000s. Salary also varies based on state.


      More advanced therapists - including those who start by earning an accelerated psychology bachelor's degree, but eventually work towards doctorates, can often earn well more than $100,000.

    Skills That Make Someone Well Suited to Earn an Accelerated Psychology Degree

    There are many skills that can make someone ideally suited to earn an accelerated psychology degree online. These include:

    • Empathy. An individual will often need to be deeply empathetic to want to learn more about how people think and the emotional pain they may be experiencing.
    • Curiosity. Psychology demands that people be curious about how the human mind works and want to learn more. 
    • Self-starter. An accelerated psychology degree requires that someone be prepared to work extensively, on their own, in order to complete their coursework. 
    • Good work ethic. An accelerated degree means that someone will be working very hard for an extended period of time. Without a solid work ethic, that individual is likely to burn out and fail to earn their degree. 

    Next Steps to Earn Your Accelerated Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

    By now, you should fully understand just how useful it can be for you to earn your accelerated psychology degree online. So, this begs the question: What next? What do you want to do to advance your career?

    The answer is obvious: Find a program that works for you. Not every school or educational institution offers this degree, but if yours does, your next step is to find out what their entrance requirements are. From there, you can get more information about the program, and see if it works for you and where you are at this stage in your career and life. 

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